It’s time for an Extraordinary You! The new Mio i 125, for the rider that aspires to be better. Slim detail and compact frame, it is conceptualized with an M-Shaped design that is emphasized by a front face and lighting that accentuates the model shape. A freshly re-imagined combination of power maximized with reduced weight. Pushing for a better you and allows you to do more than ever before.


Start and Stop System
Your engine will automatically switch off after 5 seconds of being idle to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and low emmision. Your battery is well protected and you can easily to your riding with its quick start function that is possible because of the stored air-fuel mixture in your engine.

Integrated Shutter Key and Answer Back Key System
The unit will emit an electronic sound and lights to signal its location
The latest in Anti-Theft Technology, your ride will be safe from any thievery

3D Emblem
The Mio 125s features an embossed emblem that proudly signifies its distinctive and extraordinary sense of design

Stunning Graphics
Be the talk of the town with a fresh and dynamic look which has a breeze-like lightness that shows agility

New Age Front Face
Sleek M shape design that give a sharp and active expression, highlights the brand new design concept of the motorcycle

Meter Panel and Eco Indicator
High quality display that allows clear view of the instrument panel and actual vehicle speed at all times and efficiency of power and fuel economy. The rider is guided by an “Eco Indicator” that lights up when the unit has achieved a quality pace

M-Shaped Grab Bar
One-of-a-kind easy grip design that re-amphasizes the unique construction of the unit and increases passenger’s on board comfort

Large Capacity Storage
Can fit two raincoats and a jacket with a 11.1L space for a hassle free ride

Tail Light
Illuminating your way through the streets

Muscular Muffler
Power and practically, a look that symbolizes and showcases its true ability, the muffler has 3-way catalytic converter that functions in combination engine control and oxygen sensor feedback

Smart Stand Switch
This feature automatically shuts off the engine when in use